Mutineer Restaurant
(Wharf Lounge):
December 12, 2007

Mutineer Restaurant (more precisely, the Wharf Lounge inside Mutineer) is just past the southernmost end of the Florida Turnpike. No smoking. Rustic yet upscale nautical woodsy ambiance, food, small stage, indoor and outdoor seating, ample parking. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

mutineer_2007-12-15_02Looking north from the parking lot. Mutineer sits on a corner – the east side of U.S. 1 and the south side of Palm Drive in Florida City.

The stage is at right, beyond the photo. The hallway (at left) leads to restrooms and exit.

mutineer_2007-12-15_04Turned right.

This view is from the other end of Mutineer’s Wharf Lounge. The photo’s left just catches the edge of a bar area. If you turn around, you will find more tables, and then the path turns right to an exit that leads to a patio.


Roughly between the parking lot and US-1 is a pond. On the left, something looks like a houseboat. Not seen in the photo is a fake (or stuffed?) alligator standing upright on a wood platform on the water.

Mutineer Restaurant (Wharf Lounge)

11 SE 1st Ave
Florida City, FL 33034
Phone: 305-245-3377



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