This website started as an idea. Years went by, and Ana and I decided to do something about it. In late October 2007, we launched MiamiBandStuff.com. I do the web stuff and photography while she helps plan who to shoot, where to shoot, and is my photography assistant and cheerleader.

We try to make the subject look good while never thinking of faking anything. For example, if the original photo shows dirt on the floor, or warts on a face, or a smudge on a wall, those “undesirables” remain on the final downsized photo. An exception would be if cropping and/or downsizing made these “undesirables” invisible (can’t fight Laws of Physics). We may do exposure correction, color correction, straighten horizons and such.

We do not use flash.

You may follow MiamiBandStuff.com on Twitter at twitter.com/MiamiBandStuff and Facebook at facebook.com/MiamiBandStuff.

Nothing on MiamiBandStuff.com, including photos, may be used without permission. Good article on web copyrights:

Hugo Martinez