Ego: December 7, 2007
at Rumors Bistro

Fronted by charismatic singer/songwriter Zaida Alfaro, Ego plays music from the 60’s through today, including originals. Above, at Rumors Bistro, left to right, we have Carlos on lead guitar and vocals, Zaida on lead vocals, Mike on drums, Rob on bass guitar and vocals, and Paul on guitar and vocals. Ego has a website at and you can find Zaida’s originals, bio and pics at as well as at Zaida has released two CD’s – “Train Ride” in 2000 and “Stories Untold” in 2006.

Zaida Alfaro can be quite playful and entertaining. Sometimes she will pop the microphone off its stand to walk about the stage and into the audience, or simply improvise the unexpected.

Rob runs away from Zaida.

ego_2007-12-07_04    ego_2007-12-07_05Carlos is Ego’s new lead guitarist. He has been with Ego for only two weeks, so there is much to look forward to.

Rob plays two basses – a 4-string Lakland and a 5-string MusicMan Bongo.

Zaida helps Paul with his strumming. Funny but also practical, like insurance. Should Paul lose his right arm, the show can continue with Zaida by his side.

ego_2007-12-07_07   ego_2007-12-07_08Above left, Paul alternates between acoustic and electric guitars. Above right, Zaida gives Rob… uh… strategic support.

Mike, the drummer, also designs posters for the band.

ego_2007-12-07_10    ego_2007-12-07_11


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