Rock-A-Way: December 15, 2007
at Mutineer’s Wharf Lounge

We found “Rock-A-Way” at Mutineer Restaurant’s Wharf Lounge and had a blast enjoying their classic rock and roll. Above, from left to right, we see Dan Oelker on bass and vocals, Lou Roberts on lead vocals, Danny on drums, and Wes on lead guitar and vocals. The stage was the darkest area (no stage lights) but I somewhat managed by shooting my Canon 40D on manual at ISO 3200.

Lou Roberts on lead vocals.

Wes on lead guitar.

rockaway_2007-12-15_04    rockaway_2007-12-15_05
Above left: Dan Oelker on bass. Above right: alternate view of the stage.

Danny on drums.

Rock-A-Way may be contacted through Danny’s business: Magic City Mirror and Glass, 305-255-2956.


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