Main Street Cafe:
January 16, 2009

Homestead’s Main Street Cafe has returned after a two-year absence.
Some things changed. Singer/songwriter Laurie Oudin is not the owner; there’s a new phone number: 305-242-4688; the stage has shrunk and gone dark, presumably allowing for a larger dance floor; stage lights were replaced with DJ lights; there is no sound system for bands… Anyway, there’s food, bar, stage, live music, DJ, electronic games, TVs and outdoor pool table. No smoking indoors. Well-lit street parking up front and more parking in back.

Approaching Main Street Cafe.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_03Left door is the entrance.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_04Bulletin board.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_05Facing entrance.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_06A bar is behind me.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_07Video game machines. Bar is at right.

Dining area and band stage. Bar is at left, beyond photo.

Unlike earlier days at Main Street Cafe, there are no stage lights and the house sound system is for the DJ only. Here we have keyboardist Ron Chassner, lit by his keyboard’s LCD display, with the band “Been There, Done That.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_10Facing entrance.

This hall, left of stage, leads to the rear exit. It was briefly lit with fluorescents. The foreground door is for the DJ booth.

Stepping through the rear exit, there’s a pool table on the right.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_13View from rear exit.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_14Approaching the fence gate.

mainstreetcafe_2009-01-16_15Rear parking.

Main Street Cafe
128 N Krome Ave
Homestead, FL 33030


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