Deck 52: January 23, 2009
at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus

Deck 52 played its hand of classic rock at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables. Above, from left to right, we have Jon Fisher on guitar and vocals, Tom Briggle on bass, Tony Sinatra on drums, jwz (that’s what he goes by) on guitar and vocals, and Noel Cleland on keyboards and vocals. See and hear them online through YouTube at and go to their website at

“jwz” rocked on mystery guitar (no brand name) and vocals.

Jon Fisher on vocals and guitar.

Noel Cleland on keyboards and vocals.

Tom Briggle played with precision on Fender bass.

Tony Sinatra sang and drummed.

deck52_2009-01-23_07Deck 52.

Jon Fisher’s near-mint 1969 Sunn Solarus guitar amp head on a Sonaro cabinet.


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