Instant Replay:
December 20, 2008
at Black Point

Black Point Ocean Grill treated us to Instant Replay on a Friday night. Above, we see Manny Sardiña on guitar, Rich Rey on vocals, Craig Cook on drums, and Bino Marquez on bass. Instant Replay has a website at “ . . . Instant Replay got together with the goal of playing YOUR favorite songs. Believe us, you wouldn’t want to come to one of our parties if we played Bino’s favorite songs or even Craig’s. It’s just not party music . . .

Rich Rey on lead vocals and guitar.

Manny “The Eighth Wonder of Hialeah” Sardiña dumped the saxophone to play lead guitar.

Bino Marquez on his Warwick bass.

A transplant from Pittsburgh, Craig Cook cooked on drums. The Santa Claus hat was a bonus.

Special guest Vanessa Perez-Corredor sang “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses.

instantreplay_2008-12-20_07Instant Replay‘s good music and customer-centric attitude makes a smart recipe.

instantreplay_2008-12-20_08Instant Replay.


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