Gilbert’s Resort:
December 29, 2007

Heading south on US-1 / Overseas Highway, Gilbert’s Resort is just before the bridge that leads to mainland Key Largo. Outdoor waterfront setting, good food, friendly service, lots of well-lit parking. The Tiki Bar’s palm-frond covered stage has direct access to the parking lot.

gilberts_2007-12-29_02Coming from the north, at mile marker 107.9, slow down. Make a right turn just before the first bridge that connects to mainland Key Largo. As there is much vegetation, this sign will help.

Update 2010-6-12: New construction makes access to Gilbert’s easier. Coming from the north, take the “Business Access Road” right before the big bridge at mile marker 108 (Jewfish Creek Bridge) and follow the road (it ends with Gilbert’s).

Bear left to reach the Tiki Bar.

The band Mystic Blue (soon to be Metropolis) on stage at Gilbert’s Resort.

gilberts_2007-12-29_05Direct parking lot access to stage.

To the distant left of the tables is the stage. Behind me is the waterfront.


gilberts_2007-12-29_08Turned around.

Can’t see it but there’s a stage behind the crowd.

Food/drink counter to the right.

Parking lot. This covered path leads to the Tiki Bar.

Gilbert’s Resort
107900 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037
Phone: 305-451-1133


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