Gypsy Road: January 19, 2008
at Mutineer (Wharf Lounge)

gypsyroad_2008-01-19_01Ana and I got good reports on The Gypsy Road Band, so we drove to Mutineer’s Wharf Lounge to hear classic rock, country and blues. Formed in the late 90’s as a stress reliever, Gypsy Road has been very active in the last three years at venues in Miami-Dade and Broward. Above, from left to right, we see Roger Hurley on guitar and vocals, David Whiddon on bass guitar, Gabe Rodriguez on drums, Darrell Barney on lead vocals and keyboard, and Lane Kenworthy on guitar and vocals. Gypsy Road has a website at

Update 2011-3-13: Remaining are founding members Roger Hurley (guitar, vocals) and Gabe Rodriguez (drums). New are Mosquitoheads veteran Tim Gray (lead vocals, keyboards, sax), Travler alumnus Robbie Rogers (lead guitar, vocals) and Keith Ivory (bass, vocals).

Darrell Barney on lead vocals and keyboard.

As I photographed the band, Ana yelled “Look! Turn around! Hurry!” I turned and saw Roger Hurley standing on a table with his Fender Stratocaster, looking as though he belonged. On stage, Roger stands next to the mixing board, so this may have been a sound check. Anyway, the dark blob at the lower left is Ana’s head.

Lane Kenworthy on lead guitar and vocals.

David Whiddon on bass.

Gabe Rodriguez on drums.

gypsyroad_2008-01-19_07Gypsy Road.


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