Mystic Blue (now Metropolis):
December 29, 2007
at Gilbert’s Resort

mysticblue_2007-12-29_01Mystic Blue (now Metropolis) has long been a fixture in South Florida. Offering a varied range of styles, it has influenced several South Florida bands. Change has come to Mystic Blue, with each new member contributing a unique talent and personality. The band started playing in the early 90’s under the name of Screamin’ Blue, and though the names have changed, the concept remains the same. Above at Gilbert’s Resort, we see Carlos Averhoff on bass and vocals, Mike Pignataro on keyboard and vocals, Mario Carvajal on drums and percussion, and Scott Emmons on guitar and vocals. Mystic Blue a.k.a. Metropolis has a website at

Update 2010-6-4: Metropolis has a new lineup. Scott Emmons and Mario Carvajal remain. New are Arthur Cruz on keyboards & vocals, Andres Mora on bass & vocals, and Erica McKenna on vocals. New website is at

Band leader and music teacher Carlos Averhoff on bass.

Lead guitarist, vocalist and music teacher Scott Emmons. We first heard him at Main Street Cafe (no longer in business) in Homestead.

Newest member Mike Pignataro on keyboard and vocals.

Drummer and percussionist Mario Carvajal, of Main Street Cafe fame, also teaches drums at Music Depot in Florida City. Mario has a website at

Special guest Xpelled – a band that plays beyond their years, the oldest member being barely 13. As music teachers, Mystic Blue had the privilege of watching them grow to the point that they have recently played a couple of venues together. Mystic Blue anticipates sharing a venue with them again and can’t wait to hear what they will sound like as they get older. Above, left to right, we have Trey Pearce on guitar and vocals (age 12), Jake Dalton on bass (age 12), Eric Green on guitar and vocals (age 13), Chloe Santiago on drums and vocals (age 12), Kaylee Fordyce on guitar and vocals (age 12), and Kaitlin Rodgers on lead vocals and keyboard (age 11). Carlos Averhoff is their band and vocal teacher, Scott Emmons is Trey and Eric’s guitar teacher, and Mario Carvajal is Chloe’s drum teacher.

I posted this as Chloe Santiago was barely visible in the group photo. Ana and I were even more impressed with her drumming when we discovered that the drum kit was set for lefties… Chloe is right handed!


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