Wide Open: February 27, 2009
at Carrington’s Sports Bar

wideopen_2009-02-27_01Wide Open careened into Carrington’s Sports Bar & Grill at wide open throttle. Above are Louie Ameduri on lead vocals, Mike Perez on bass, Mike Giardina on lead guitar and vocals, and Roy Subirana on drums and vocals. Go to their MySpace site at https://www.myspace.com/WIDEOPEN_FANZ for gig schedules and YouTube video covers of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” Van Halen’s “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me,” Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” and more.

Update 2011-2-4: Wide Open has a new lineup. Louie Ameduri remains lead singer. New are Edgar Cruz on guitar and vocals, Marcos de Céspedes on bass and vocals, and Eddie Gresely on drums and vocals. Scroll to end for photo.

Louie Ameduri on lead vocals. Armed with a wireless mic, this singer was all over the place, including on top of bar tables.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Mike Giardina.

Mike Giardina playing with the Les Paul behind his head.

Mike Giardina using a Michelob Ultra beer bottle to do slide guitar.

Bassist Mike Perez.

Drummer and vocalist Roy Subirana.

wideopen_2009-02-27_08Ana says, ” . . . good sound, good energy, good times . . .”

Update 2011-2-4: Wide Open’s new lineup at The Joint. Sorry for the photo quality – there was no front lighting.


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