February 28, 2009
at Black Point

mosquitoheads_2009-02-28_01Mosquitoheads swarmed into Black Point Ocean Grill with infectious rock ‘n’ roll. Ana said, “ . . . this is one of the best sounds we’ve heard . . . ” Go to the Mosquitoheads website at for their gig schedule, play list and more. Above, we see Doug Martin on drums, Dan Oelker on bass and vocals, Tim Gray on lead vocals, saxophone and keyboard, and Ron Derrick on lead guitar and vocals.

Update 2011-3-14: Jomar Valdes replaces Tim Gray on lead vocals, and Tim Cromer replaces Doug Martin on drums.

Tim Gray on lead vocals. Update 2011-3-14: Tim moved to Gypsy Road. Jomar Valdes is now lead vocalist.

Tim also plays sax and keyboards.

Guitarist and founding member Ron Derrick on guitar.

Bassist Dan Oelker.

Doug Martin on drums. Update 2011-3-14: Tim Cromer is the current drummer.

Tim Gray and Ron Derrick.

mosquitoheads_2009-02-28_08Ana adds, “Great vocals. Clean crisp sound.”



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