Carrington’s Sports Bar & Grill:
February 20, 2009

carringtons_2009-02-20_01Three-week-old Carrington’s Sports Bar & Grill, on spot once filled by Jay Love’s Hooligan’s Pub & Oyster Bar (a.k.a. Big Hoolie’s), offers live music on Fridays and Saturdays (for other, see photo of schedule near page bottom), bar, food, stage, DJ booth, TVs, pool tables and more. Along with wine, Ana had a Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich while I attacked a Blackened Mahi Mahi Sandwich. Some former Hooligan’s patrons were disappointed that there is no smoking but we and others cheered. Location at Dadeland Plaza provides ample well-lit parking.

Update 2010-07-17: Carrington’s is closed. The outdoor signage is gone. Window posters read that it will be replaced by “The Joint Bar & Grill” and that there will be live music.


carringtons_2009-02-20_03Entrance at my back. At left is a bar, and further left, beyond pic, is a room with pool tables. At right is a room with bars, tables, dance floor, TVs, stage and DJ booth.

Turned a bit to the right.

Turned further right. Not visible is a band stage beyond the DJ booth.

Stage. Overhead stage lights were supplemented with Travler’s own lights. At distant left, below blue lights, is a bar.

carringtons_2009-02-20_07Dance floor. Left is the DJ booth and right is the stage. Behind is an exit.

carringtons_2009-02-20_08Back in the middle.

Turning left for a broader bar view.

Turned further left. Heading to pool tables.

Almost there. Notice how bar wraps around.

carringtons_2009-02-20_12View from behind bar.

carringtons_2009-02-20_13Another view.

carringtons_2009-02-20_14Weekly schedule near the entrance/exit, facing bar.

carringtons_2009-02-20_15Besides here, there’s also rooftop parking.

Carrington’s Sports Bar & Grill

(previously Hooligan’s Pub & Oyster Bar a.k.a. Big Hoolie’s)
9555 S Dixie Hwy
(Dadeland Plaza)
Miami, FL 33156



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