Stalking Mildred
April 4, 2009
at Little Hoolie’s

Stalking Mildred kicked serious booty at Little Hoolie’s. Ana remarked, ” . . . solid and strong . . . great beat . . . fun exchange with the audience . . . ” Above, we see Greg Holbrook on guitar and vocals, Steve DiRocco on drums, Mike Pinson on lead vocals and lead guitar, and Sandy Tejera on bass and vocals. Visit Stalking Mildred‘s MySpace site at

Mike Pinson on lead vocals and lead guitar.

Greg Holbrook on guitar. He also worked the sound system and stage lights.

Sandy Tejera on bass and vocals.

Steve DiRocco on drums.

stalkingmildred_2009-04-04_06Ana concludes, ” . . . whoever Mildred is, she’s lucky to be stalked by the music these guys put out . . . ”

Archived Stalking Mildred gig dated 2007-10-20.


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