Hoodoo Blue Blues Band:
September 7, 2013
at Titanic Brewery & Restaurant

hoodooblue_2013-09-07Hoodoo Blue Blues Band worked its magic at Titanic Brewery and Restaurant. Above are Lucian Williams on guitar and vocals, Al Ferreira on tenor & baritone sax, flute and vocals, Joe Coleman on bass and vocals, and “Hoodoo” Geo on drums and vocals. Hoodoo Blue may be followed at hoodooblue.com, facebook.com/hoodooblue, myspace.com/hoodooblue, and youtube.com/hoodoobluebluesband.

hoodooblue_2013-09-07-2Al “Soul Sax” Ferreira on saxophone.

hoodooblue_2013-09-07-3Al Ferreira on flute.

hoodooblue_2013-09-07-4Lucian “Luke” Williams on lead guitar and vocals.

hoodooblue_2013-09-07-5Joe “Bassman” Coleman on bass guitar and vocals.

hoodooblue_2013-09-07-6“Hoodoo” Geo on drums and vocals.


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