Titanic Brewery and Restaurant:
May 24, 2008

titanic_2008-05-24_01Food, “award winning, fresh hand-crafted beers,” band stage with lights, free wireless internet. No smoking. Well-lit parking in back, and also street parking with meters. Located next to University of Miami’s baseball stadium. Books bands (through Mark Weiser) for Fridays and Saturdays.

Update 2009-05-13: Smelled cigarettes. After dinner, I went to the bar and saw people smoking and ashtrays on tables. The bar and dining room are interconnected and apparently share one ventilation system.

titanic_2008-05-24_02Parking lot.

Photographed from the main entrance. The object at the lower right belongs to the band – it’s a drum case. Go left for the band stage, go right for the dining area.

Albert Castiglia and his blues band.


titanic_2008-05-24_06More bar.

titanic_2008-05-24_07Even more bar.

titanic_2008-05-24_08Bar stops here.

titanic_2008-05-24_09Dining room. Turn around for a beer brewing equipment display.

Beer brewing equipment display.

titanic_2008-05-24_11More dining room.

titanic_2008-05-24_12Band schedule placed on all tables.

Titanic Brewery & Restaurant
5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: 305-667-2537 or 305-668-1742


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