Scully’s Tavern:
October 27, 2007

Food, bar, dark and cozy with lots of wood, pool tables in a separate room, stage with lights by the entrance/exit, no smoking. Featured on the Food Network. Location in a strip mall provides ample, well-lit parking. Our first visit but we’ll be back.

Walked into Scully’s Tavern, made a few steps, turned left.

Bar view. The band stage is on the far left, outside photo.

This path may lead to the pool room.

Update 2009-02-14: We ventured into Scully’s billiard room. Ana and I sat in one of the booths to enjoy our Valentine dinner.

As you walk into Scully’s, turn right to see the stage. Outta Nowhere performing.

Scully’s Tavern
9809 SW 72nd St
Miami, FL 33173


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