Cat Daddies: November 3, 2007
at Black Point

catdaddies_2007-11-03_01Ana and I drove to Black Point Ocean Grill not knowing what to expect (the Grill has no website). As we parked, we heard a tight band with great vocals and, with reverberant music enveloping the parking lot, it was like arriving at a rock concert. No surprise to find the Cat Daddies. Three members of this four-piece classic rock and blues band (the two guitarists and drummer) sing well enough that we couldn’t tell who’s the lead singer. Above, left to right, we have Jorge Cossio on lead guitar and vocals, Tim Turman on bass, Larry Erickson on drums and vocals, and Brian Butler on guitar and vocals. The band’s website is at

Update 2008-06-25: Drummer and founding member Larry Erickson moved to north Florida. He was replaced by Dean Vellenga.

Update 2010-11-04: Drummer Mike Ferreira joined The Cat Daddies.

Update 2013-07-15: Sandra Marquez is the drummer, and ZZ “Puss N’ Boots” was added as lead vocalist.

Larry Erickson on drums.

catdaddies_2007-11-03_03    catdaddies_2007-11-03_04
Above left: Brian Butler on vocals and guitar. Above right: The new lead guitarist/vocalist Jorge Cossio. Behind Jorge is Tim Turman’s on bass.

catdaddies_2007-11-03_05Cat Daddies.


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