PeachTree Bar & Grill:
October 16, 2009

We arrived early at PeachTree at Days Inn to prepare for an evening of live music. Bar, food, stage with lighting, DJ, pool tables, TVs, plentiful well-lit parking. Smoking is allowed. Ana said, “ . . . plenty of room to gather with friends . . . Hugo had the chicken sandwich and I had the turkey club . . . ”


peachtree_2010-10-16_03Once in, there’s the bar.

peachtree_2010-10-16_04Turned right.

peachtree_2010-10-16_05Turned a bit left.

More to the left. Beyond photo’s left border is a bar.

In the background is a sunken area which hosts the stage. At right, the lit doorway leads to restrooms.

Turned left. To the bar’s right, further out, are pool tables.

Stage with DJ booth at its left. The band “Different Faces” plays tonight.

peachtree_2010-10-16_10Front of stage, turned left to photograph pool tables.


PeachTree Bar & Grill (PeachTree Lounge)

Days Inn Homestead
Garden Inn Homestead
51 South Homestead Blvd
Homestead, FL 33030
Phone: 305-245-1260


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