Different Faces: October 16, 2009
at PeachTree Bar & Grill

Different Faces brought fresh vibes to Days Inn’sPeachTree Bar & Grill (a.k.a. PeachTree Lounge) in Homestead. Ana explains, “ . . . a solid and fun, classic-style group . . . ” Above, we see Marcos de Céspedes on bass, Julian Cepero on lead vocals and keys, Alfredo Camargo on drums, and Juan García on guitar. Different Faces has a MySpace account at myspace.com/differentfaces with sound clips, photos, videos and performance schedule.

Julian Cepero on lead vocals and keyboard.

Johnny García on lead guitar and backup vocals.

Marcos de Céspedes on bass and backup vocals. Marcos has websites at YouTube.com/MiamiBassPlayer, Facebook.com/MiamiBassPlayer, and MySpace.com/MiamiBassPlayerMusic.

Al Camargo on drums.


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