Travler: June 21, 2008
at Mutineer (Wharf Lounge)

travler_2008-06-21_01On a Saturday night, Travler (that’s how they spell it) zoomed into Mutineer’s Wharf Lounge with classic rock and blues. From left to right, we have Robbie Rodgers on vocals and lead guitar, Steve Twitchell on vocals and drums, Mark Hammond on lead vocals and bass, and Steve Park on vocals and lead guitar.

Update 06-25-2009: Travler has a website at

Update 02-23-2009: At Carrington’s Sports Bar & Grill, new member Shelly Cartaya on lead and backup vocals.

Mark Hammond on lead vocals and bass. I think that’s a 1957 Fender Precision.

Robbie Rodgers is one of two equally proficient, yet stylistically different, lead guitarists. Robbie is jazzier.

Steve Park is the other lead guitarist. He’s bluesier

Steve Twitchell on drums and vocals.

Steve’s wife Martha and a friend join the fun.

Robbie, Mark and Steve form a guitar army.

travler_2008-06-21_08Too sweet.


Update 02-23-2009: Travler’s new lineup at Carrington’s with lead singer Shelly Cartaya.


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