The Fit: December 22, 2007
at Bayside Marketplace

fit_2007-12-22_01Last November, we heard The Usual Suspects at JohnMartin’s. During a break, Ana and I spoke with lead singer Maree Coureaux. She told us about her other band — The Fit. We exchanged info and soon we got an email about The Fit’s future gig at Bayside. Above, we see Andy Waks on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Maree Coureaux on lead vocals, Rene Diaz on percussion, Joe Arencibia on drums, Brant Hadaway on bass and vocals, and Joel Plattor on lead guitar.

Update 2008-07-29: The Fit has a page at

Maree Coureaux on lead vocals.

Guitarist Joel Plattor.

Andy Waks switched between guitar and keyboards while delivering backup vocals.

fit_2007-12-22_05    fit_2007-12-22_06
Above left: Brant Hadaway on bass. Above right: Maree does dance steps with a young audience member.

Percussionist Rene Diaz complemented the drummer.

Drummer Joe Arencibia.

Brant Hadaway and Joel Plattor in sync.

Guitarist Andy Waks on a break.

The Fit showing holiday spirit.

See the blond dancer at bottom center? Her little daughter was briefly one of The Fit’s guests on stage.

The hand at the extreme right belongs to a mom (shown in previous photo) waving to her little girl.

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