Stalking Mildred:
October 20, 2007
at Little Hoolie’s

stalkingmildred_001_2007-10-20Stalking Mildred is a classic and contemporary rock cover “power trio” that Ana and I first heard at Black Point Marina. We liked them, so when Ana and I left early, we were hungry for more. Months later, I checked Little Hoolie’s website and learned that Stalking Mildred was booked for Saturday night.

Update 2007-11-10: I sent Stalking Mildred an email on November 3rd but I have not heard back. In the photo above, the 1st person on the left is not mentioned at the Stalking Mildred site that still describes the band as a 3-piece. A source claims that he is not an actual member, doesn’t get paid, and has appeared at most or all recent gigs to play rhythm guitar and sing harmony, but this needs to be confirmed. Second from the left we have lead singer and lead guitarist Mike Pinson. Third from the left we have a drummer, whose name may or may not be Craig Wade. The website says Craig Wade but the photo there shows someone not in the photo above. This “someone else” looks a lot like the drummer shown in the last photo here, who was described at this gig as a founding member who moved to North Carolina. Both drummers took turns at the Little Hoolie’s gig (it was bassist Sandy Tejera’s birthday and they were trying to do something special). Who is who is another thing I was trying to clear up with my email. Fourth is bassist and birthday kid Sandy Tejera.

Update 2007-11-25: I got an email from Mike Pinson (the lead guitarist / lead vocalist) on Friday. The mystery guitarist is Greg Holbrook and he is now a full member, making Stalking Mildred a 4-piece band. Later that Friday night, Ana and I paid a visit to the new Rumors Bistro and Bar (formerly OC’s Raw Bar and Grill) and saw Stalking Mildred as a trio (Greg was out of town). The power trio version is as tasty as the 4-piece, just different. Also, the current drummer’s name is confirmed as Craig Wade.

Update 2008-04-02: Sal Patalano sent me an email. I learned that he was the original drummer and one of the co-founders of Stalking Mildred. Sal now plays in a band in Raleigh, North Carolina, called “Death By Redhead.”

Update 2009-01-20: Stalking Mildred has a MySpace page at

Update 2009-03-27: Stalking Mildred has a new drummer: Steve DiRocco.

Update: Newer writeup here.

stalkingmildred_002_2007-10-20          stalkingmildred_003_2007-10-20
Above left: Lead singer/lead guitarist Mike Pinson. Above right: Drummer Craig Wade takes a break to share the mic with bassist Sandy Tejera.

Craig Wade on drums. Update 2009-03-27: Stalking Mildred has a new drummer: Steve DiRocco.

Stalking Mildred band. Briefly sitting in for Craig Wade is Sal Patalano — the original drummer and co-founder who later moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.


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