Ovrhol: August 23, 2013
at Jada Coles

ovrhl_2013-08-23At Jada Coles, Ovrhol overhauled band expectations. Above, left to right, we have Daniel Peralta on lead guitar and vocals, Richard Rey on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Rodriguez (a.k.a. Chris Rod) on drums, and Enrico Carducci on bass and vocals. Follow Ovrhol online at ovrhol.com and facebook.com/Ovrhol.

ovrhl_2013-08-23-2Richard Rey, of Instant Replay fame, on lead vocals and guitar.

ovrhl_2013-08-23-3Daniel Peralta on lead guitar and backup vocals.

ovrhl_2013-08-23-4Enrico Carducci on bass and backup vocals.

ovrhl_2013-08-23-5Chris Rod on drums.

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