Money & Cigarettes:
October 18, 2013
at CocoWalk

The band "Money and Cigarettes" at CocoWalk.Money and Cigarettes was smokin’ at CocoWalk with their brand of “power blues” and classic rock. Above, left to right, we have Joe Villamor on guitar & vocals, Robert Christie on drums, Jim Kirk on guitar, harmonica & vocals, and Carlos Valdes on bass and vocals. Visit their page at

Jim Kirk on vocals, guitar and harmonica.Jim Kirk on vocals, guitar and harmonica. Among Jim’s previous bands are Ten Foot Alice and BluDaze.

Joe Villamor on guitar and vocals.Joe Villamor on vocals and guitar. Joe’s other bands include The Core, Owen Gray, Paul Hoyle, Nina Llopis, and Shallow End.

Carlos Valdes on vocals and bass.Carlos Valdes on vocals and bass.

Robert Christie on drumsRobert Christie on drums. Rob has worked with The Core, 99 Miles From Nowhere, Nina Llopis, and The Lead.




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