Oasis Tiki Bar & Grill:
April 11, 2008

oasis_2008-04-11_01Homestead’s laid-back Oasis Tiki Bar and Grill offers food, drinks, pool table, TV’s, stage with some rain protection, dance area and well-lit parking.

Update 2008-05-17: Oasis has a new phone: 786-488-4406.

Update Tuesday, 2008-06-17: Bands report that Oasis is again under new ownership and bookings are cancelled. I also heard that Oasis is temporarily closed.

Ana phoned Oasis at its new number on Friday evening. No one responded, so she left voice mail. As of Tuesday morning — her call has not been returned.

Update Friday, 2008-06-27: I belong to several band mailing lists. One recent email read, ” . . . ownership at the Oasis has changed again. They didn’t bother to tell us. We called to confirm that everything was a go, but found out they are doing Mexican music on Friday and Saturday nights. And charging to get in. Well last time I check we don’t do any Mexican songs. So I guess that won’t work. If you had plans on coming maybe you can take in a good movie . . . “

Update Thursday, 2008-07-03: Got an email, says that the old owners have become the new owners and that Oasis is again doing American music. Strictly Business will be playing tomorrow (July 4th) from 9 to 1.

Update Saturday, 2008-07-05: I paid a brief visit yesterday and was told that the “new owners” don’t take over until Monday. I did see that the stage canopy is now twice as large with improved weather shielding.

Behind the lit sign is the parking lot entrance.

If you do miss the first sign, you might catch this one. It sits on a grass area that acts like an auxiliary parking lot to catch the overflow from the main lot.

The banner reads, “Under New Ownership.”

View from the street of the parking lot.

Opposite view of the Oasis parking lot.

Disabled access ramp to the main building. Just behind is the Oasis Tiki Bar. Behind the white van, to the right and over the entrance, there is a log door frame decorated with paint and carvings.

As I entered, this bar was at my left.

Band stage is in the distance.

oasis_2008-04-11_10Stage. Colored lights belong to the band, Gypsy Road.

Facing the stage from Oasis’s left. Landscaping borders a wooden fence.

Inside main building. Bar is at the far left. At right, various doors lead to the kitchen, restrooms, and billiard table.

oasis_2008-04-11_13           oasis_2008-04-11_14Sign, landscape details.

Alligator decoration over entrance.

Oasis Tiki Bar & Grill

22 NE 15 ST
Homestead, FL 33030
Phone: 305-247-1281
New phone: 786-488-4406


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