GoodFellas Bar & Grill:
May 8, 2010

GoodFellas Bar & Grill sits among sedate warehouses in Cutler Bay. Ana said, “ . . . if a comforting, neighborhood-kind-of-place is what you’re looking for, this certainly fits the bill . . . ” Drinks, bar food, stage, pool table, juke box, raft hanging from ceiling. Smoking permitted. Parking lot and street parking. Ana and I enjoyed our personal pizzas.

Front entrance is at left, facing SW 186 Street. Side entrance, leading to stage, is at right.

Just inside side entrance. Stage is right and the bar is left.

Walk a bit and turn right to see the stage.

goodfellas_2010-05-08_05Turned for side entrance.

goodfellas_2010-05-08_06Turned right.

Stepped back for a broader view.A pool table usually sits below the car lamp but tonight it was moved aside for the band.

Listed in one of the back-lit frames are tonight’s specials.

I stood by the bar, facing stage. Right is a stair to the second floor.

Upstairs has a lounge area leading to a room with kitchen that could be used for private parties and such.

Looking down from second floor.

Bar. Ahead is front entrance.

Satellite jukebox. Front door is in the middle. Restrooms are at right.

View of bar from front entrance. From the ceiling hangs a raft with blue neon.

GoodFellas Bar & Grill
10442 SW 186 St
Cutler Bay, FL 33157-6716


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