Cutler Bay Sports Bar:
November 9, 2007


Cutler Bay Sports Bar, opened September 23, 2007, formerly was home of ShipWreck Tavern and Grill, and before that, Saga Lounge. Dark, cozy ambience with lots of wood. Food. Band stage. Plenty of parking. Smoking permitted.

Update 2010-6-18: Cutler Bay Sports Bar has a larger and improved band stage.

Easy access, lots of parking, staff near the entrance.

The Cat Daddies are at the back left.

Bear left then turn right for the bar, then the main entrance.

Cutler Bay Sports Bar (formerly ShipWreck Tavern & Grill, and Saga Lounge)
20305 Old Cutler Road
Cutler Bay, FL 33189
Phone: 786-293-1617



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