BB’s Sports Bar & Grill:
May 8, 2009

Known as “Norm’s Hideaway” in the 80’s, BB’s Sports Bar & Grill offers drinks, food, darts, pool tables, big screen TV, ping pong, stage with lights, and live music on weekends. Ample, well-lit parking. Smoking is allowed. According to Ana, “ . . . roomy, fun atmosphere . . . ” In 2001, BB’s Sports Bar & Grill was voted as “Best Place to Play Darts” and in 2000, voted as “Best Neighborhood Bar / South” by Miami New Times.

First door from 158th Lane. It’s on the stage side and has no outside handle.

South of the first door and around a corner. We entered here.

“Darts” sign seen as we walked in.

Past the “Darts” sign and to the left is a photo display.

bbs_2009-05-08_06At right are dart boards.

Past dart boards are pool tables and one ping-pong table.

Beyond the bar are tables, dance floor and band stage.

Further in the background is the stage.

bbs_2009-05-08_10Right of bar is a DJ booth.

Bar. Jukebox is at my back, DJ / pool tables / dart boards / ping pong table are to my left, and band stage is to my right.

bbs_2009-05-08_12Approaching stage.

bbs_2009-05-08_13Past bar.

bbs_2009-05-08_14Turned left.

My back faces bar, a door / exit is at my left. IKO-IKO is on stage.

bbs_2009-05-08_16Stage is behind me.


BB’s Sports Bar & Grill

(formerly Norm’s Hideaway)
9240 SW 158 Lane
Miami, FL 33157
Phone: 305-253-2466


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