The Regs: August 21, 2010
at Little Hoolie’s

The Regs flew high on the Richter scale with an earth-shaking performance at Little Hoolie’s. Ana said, “ . . . high energy . . . true pros . . . fantastic sound . . . ” Above, we see Dirty Myke on bass, Little John on lead vocals, Jamie Vila on drums, and Scott Migone on guitar. According to Little John, “The Regs have been performing for about 10 years. All members come from a long line of different bands based in Miami. Maybe some of you have heard of Boxcar, Spiritual Graffiti, Mustang Sally or even Redline from back in the day? All agree that NO band that any member has been in before can even compare to the pure high octane energy and performance of this group. The Regs’s music is currently in the hands of world famous sound mixer and producer Gene Paul (Les Paul’s son) and being mixed for their 2nd cd… wish us lots of luck. You can watch videos and listen to original music by the Regs at”

Little John, on lead vocals, has a site at

Scott Migone on lead guitar. Scott has a page at

Dirty Myke on bass. Myke has a page at

Jamie Vila on drums. Check out

The Regs at The Joint on 2011-1-14. Video by The Joint Bar & Grill (

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