Paddy Kelleghan:
August 31, 2013
at JohnMartin’s Irish Pub

paddykelleghan_2013-08-31Paddy Kelleghan enhanced the Celtic ambiance at JohnMartin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. Above, we have Paddy Kelleghan on vocals, guitar and harmonica, and Jason Van Steenwyk on violin / fiddle. Hear Kellegan’s music online at iTunes and

paddykelleghan_2013-08-31-2 At 15, Paddy Kelleghan was touring with Dublin bands such as Skid Row, a Thin Lizzy splinter group.

paddykelleghan_2013-08-31-3An experienced recording engineer, Kelleghan built his own home studio.

Jason Van Steenwyk has played professionally since he was 15 years old and started fiddle at 28.

paddykelleghan_2013-08-31-5Jason is also a guitarist, writer, National Guardsman and Iraqi Freedom veteran.


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