Hard Liquor: July 17, 2010
at Brickell Irish Pub

Hard Liquor Band made a big splash at Brickell Irish Pub. Ana said, “ . . . one can tell that every one of these guys has musicianship qualities broader than their chosen instrument . . . ” Hard Liquor Band won Best Local Band 2007 in Miami Herald’s Hotlist. Previously, it was voted Best South Florida Local Band – Runner Up in the Herald’s Hot List 2006 by their fans. Hard Liquor was featured on Fox’s Deco Drive, and Telemundo at John Martin’s St Patty’s Weekend Street Fair 2007. Above, we have Mark Funk on lead guitar and backup vocals, Mike Goldin on lead vocals, Gil Lima on drums, and Luciano “Lucci” Tedesco on bass. Look for Hard Liquor‘s upcoming shows and enjoy their photos, soundclips, videos, and more at HardLiquorBand.com and MySpace.

Lead singer and frontman Mike Goldin joined Hard Liquor Band on June 2007. A Rutgers University graduate, Mike was born in Belarus (part of the former Soviet Union) and moved to the United States in 1979. Mike sings a broad range of music styles, however you will surely find Jane’s Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Blues Traveler on his iPod.

Lead guitarist and backup vocalist Mark Funk. Born in New York, Mark moved to South Florida in 1984. He began playing guitar at age 13 and was gigging, recording and doing small tours by age 20. Mark also writes instrumental guitar music which can be heard at www.myspace.com/funkmark. Mark enjoys tearing apart guitars and rebuilding them to be better. His gear consists of custom Stratocasters & Marshall Amps.

Luciano “Lucci” Tedesco on bass and vocals. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luciano began playing bass at age 12 in his first band “Dose Dupla.” Songwriter and founder of Baboreen, H2O and Missionario Zen, Luciano generated hits on the radio in Brazil. He produced three albums with all original songs. The first, Capsule, is an instrumental album that emphasizes bass guitar, the second recorded with Missionario Zen in 1996, and his last called “Filho da Patria” (Son of the Nation) recorded in his Florida home studio in 2001. Luciano joined Hard Liquor on November 2004.

Founding member Gil Lima on drums. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gil began playing drums in college. Soon, he gathered his best friends and formed a retro rock band called “The Wood-faces” (Caras de Pau in Portuguese). Since then, Gil’s drums talents had been sitting in the oven waiting to reemerge. Today, his dreams of playing in a rock band have been realized without interfering with his full time job as an Art Director at a Florida publishing company.

hardliquor_2010-07-17_06Hard Liquor Band.


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