Diane Ward: September 26, 2009
at Luna Star Cafe

Diane Ward’s acoustic trio at Luna Star Cafe. Ana said, “ . . . Diane’s vocals are magnificent and she & her band are absolute pros . . . her originals naturally suit her well . . . ” Above, we have Jack Shawde on guitar, Diane Ward on vocals, guitar and keyboard, and Debbie Duke on bass. Check Diane Ward’s gig schedule, soundclips, videos, photos and more at DianeWard.com, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. You may also follow Diane on Twitter.com/dianewardmusic.

Diane Ward on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. A Miami native, Diane went solo in 1995 and connected with Jack Shawde to pursue a more acoustic sound. She has released 4 albums – “Wonderlight” (2006), “The Great Impossible” (2003), “Move” (1999) and “Mirror” (1995) – and is now working on her 5th under the Shinytown Records label. Diane Ward’s physical CD’s are sold at CD Baby and live concerts.

Diane Ward on lead vocals and keyboard. Diane has done studio work for other artists including Stephanie Callahan, Marianne Flemming, Forget the Name, Brian Franklin, Robbie Gennet, Magda Hiller, Billy Livesay, Tony Moyer, Ade Pever, Matthew Sabatella, Nuclear Valdez, and The Volunteers.

Jack Shawde on rhythm and lead guitar. An accomplished performer, arranger and producer, Jack has worked with renowned artists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Al Kooper, Stan Lynch of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and John Mayall. Jack recently accompanied Enrique Iglesias at the Latin Grammy Awards. Jack Shawde has a website at https://www.jackshawde.com and a MySpace site at MySpace.com/jackshawde.

Debbie Duke on bass. Primarily a bassist, Debbie is a multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, melodica, guitar, keyboards, didgeridoo and graduated from Louisiana State U. with a degree in French Horn Performance), composer and arranger. She is in high demand as a performer & session bassist and has worked with Alex Bach, Brian Franklin, Diane Ward Band, Matthew Sabatella, Nil Lara, Robbie Gennet Band, Sixo, and Trophy Wife. Debbie Duke has a website at https://www.spongeheadmusic.com.

Diane Ward acoustic trio.


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