July 11, 2015
at Black Point

Blackstar shone brightly on Black Point Ocean Grill. We see Kangri Mann on sax, Alejandro Guardia on trombone, Rich Dixon on trumpet, Allen Lynch on drums, Bruce Turkel on vocals, Elaine Lowy on vocals and Donald B. Hyink on guitar and vocals. There but not visible is bassist Karl Ellins. See more about Blackstar at

Elaine Lowy on vocals.

Multi-instrumentalist Bruce Turkel on vocals.

Bruce Turkel on harmonica. See his site at

Founder and leader of The Blackstar Band, guitarist and lead singer Donald B. Hyink. Don also owns and operates Blackstar Studio.

In the horn section are Kangri Mann on saxophone, Alejandro Guardia on trombone, and Rich Dixon and Bruce Turkel on trumpet.

Dr. Karl Ellins on bass.

Drummer Allen Lynch.


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