Tobacco Road: July 11, 2008

tobaccoroad_2008-07-11_01We arrived early at the legendary Tobacco Road, “Miami’s oldest bar and restaurant.” Food, bar open ’til 5 am, live music seven days a week. Entertainment upstairs, downstairs and at the patio. Free wireless internet. No smoking. Fenced valet parking and street parking with meters.

Update 2008-12-03: Jack Pakonis wrote, ” . . . there is smoking on the patio and when the weather is inclement, we put up tents to accommodate our customers.”

Valet parking with wire link fence. Turn around for Tobacco Road’s patio.

Although it seems like neither this stage nor the patio stage offer weather protection, Jack Pakonis assures that when rain is imminent, large tents are placed over them.

Turned left to face the patio’s entrance.

Inside patio, facing entrance.

At right is the band Five Ninez.

At left is lead guitarist Harley Basadre, then the back entrance.

tobaccoroad_2008-07-11_08“EXIT” sign leads to back entrance. At right, behind table, is a stage area.

At right are stairs that lead to the second floor’s stage.

tobaccoroad_2008-07-11_10Facing front entrance.

Front entrance. At right, stairs to the second floor.

Second floor. Just to the right of the stage is a metal rail to prevent people from falling into the rear stairs. Closer to us, barely visible and to the right, are stage amplifiers.

Another view of second floor.

tobaccoroad_2008-07-11_14Stage sound system.


Tobacco Road
626 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130


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